“It is the second year that our little boy is going to Oatlands Pre-School, and we all love it. Everyday he’s really happy to join his friends and can’t wait to see which activities or crafts will be planned. I always felt very confident there and I never had any doubt about anything. I know he will have a great day, will be safe and will be with very kind and lovely staff. They do a great job by providing a safe, caring and learning environment for the children. They simply love kids and you really feel it. Communication is also very easy between staff and parents, which makes it also very reassuring for those parents who would be worried to leave their child for the first time.The place is very welcoming and the multicultural environment is a great benefit for the children. Loved it !” 

Anne-Sophie, September 2018

“Our little boy attended Lions Room at Oatlands preschool when we moved out of London to Weybridge. I can quite happily say, he utterly adored the preschool, as did we! The staff are caring and nurturing, the children take part in loads of amazing activities to keep them entertained, and our son made some lovely friends who he now goes to school with every day. I would recommend the preschool to anyone in a heartbeat, and only wish we had been able to use it for more than one year.”  

Hannah, June 2018

“Both my children have been lucky enough to attend Oatlands Preschool - M in 2016/17 and J started in 2017, and is still there. The loving, nurturing, creative and supportive environment created by Lois and her team is truly outstanding! Each child is gently encouraged to be the best they can be with a keen focus on learning through enjoyment and play. My daughter started big school a happy, confident and eager learner thanks to Oatlands preschool.” 

Rhonwen, October 2018

“The care of the staff and the nurturing environment of the pre-school has always been it's greatest quality. All three of my children loved going where they were encouraged to enjoy to the full and participate every day. They each have made friendships that have continued through the years and that is why Oatlands Pre-school plays a very special role within the Oatlands community. The staff deal so kindly and professionally with the children, they always promote independence and individuality by giving the children scope to explore and inquire about the world around them and themselves. They choose exciting activities every day that keep the children engaged and interested. We have always thought it like winning the jackpot of pre-schools when our children went there! Graduated 2018” 

Aoife, July 2018

“The first day our daughter arrived at Oatlands, she bounded in to Tigers Room. A year on and she is flourishing now in Lions. Not only are the staff kind and caring. They are fun, nurturing and have been extremely thorough, especially with the odd incident which cropped up. Children are encouraged, love the crafts and activities and have a structured morning with focused learning and play. The staff are extremely welcoming and help nurture confident and happy children. It’s always a joy picking our daughter up to see what fun times she has been having. I have no hesitation in recommending Oatlands Pre-school.”

Jonathan, October 2018

I cannot speak highly enough of Oatlands Pre-School. All the staff and management are so gentle, kind and genuinely caring. Since my daughter joined the Tigers room it has been wonderful to see how much she has learnt and developed through the playful approach to learning provided. We certainly will miss it when the time comes to go to school - luckily we have another daughter who will attend so we get to enjoy the fun for another two years! 

Gemma, September 2018

“My daughter attended Oatlands Preschool for two years leading up to Reception. Our experience was wonderful in every way. The preschool staff genuinely care for the children unlike any preschool my older children ever attended. They also kept the children very safe with strict security protocol during drop off and pick up. I also loved that the snacks were donated each week by the parents so it was a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. My daughter made some great friendships and they really prepared the children to make it an easy transition to big kid school!”

Monica, July 2018

“We have had a great experience with Oatlands Pre-School. My son settled really easily, the staff are so caring, it’s like leaving him with family. My son is excited to go to preschool each day and can’t wait to find out what activities he’ll be doing, the activities are varied and well thought out. He’s progressing so weIl, we would definitely recommend this nursery and have done to friends.”

Dominique, October 2018